Credit Services

We can refer you to our trusted licensed and experienced credit repair affiliates to help you with fixing and repairing your credit.

How can we help with your credit?

Our team has incredibly experienced affiliates that we can recommend with helping people fix and repair their credit. Whether your timeline is 30 days or one year, they can give you a clear picture of what it takes to get you into your new home. 


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In Need of Credit Repair Before Buying?
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What If I Have Bad Credit?

Why Choose TAM Lending?

Easy As Pie

Our licensed credit affiliates work with you directly to help you fix your credit. The simple 3-step process will have you up and running in no time.

Monitor Your Credit

They will set up a credit monitoring service to keep track of your activity. This will help to give them a starting point and a clear picture of the next steps.

Provide Financial Overview

Once they have the credit history, they will review it with you directly. They will create a step-by-step plan to help you get back on track. Now there is an estimated timeline to get things moving!

Develop a Strategy

They have a lot of experience in the credit world. They can help you devise a strategy for bill payments, opening or closing credit, and other tips to help increase your score.