Investors, Stop Wasting Your Hard Earned Money

Did you know that the average investor with hard money loans loses $30,066.05 a year in lost ROI (return on investment)!

The Average INVESTOR

loses $30,066.05


😱That is the equivalent of $2,505.50 a month!😱
Imagine spending it on this instead…

top of the line truck

NFL Season Tickets

Another Investment

Right now, you’re thinking, “Okay, how is that even possible?” When you use hard money loans for your transactions, you give a large slice of your profits to other investors. Many people think that the speed and convenience of a hard money lender saves them time… but most investment properties have a very long title and approval process… and cost you a lot more money

The mistake most investors make is  – letting go of your ROI to other investors instead of keeping that in your real estate portfolio.

Does This Sound Like You?

Then TAM Lending’s Investment Loans are perfect for YOU!

With our experience in investing and the loan process, we help you get the funding you need quickly. You can get approved fast, and work with our team to help you establish a lending investment strategy that works for you. Whether this is your first investment property or your hundredth, we’ve got you covered.

Find out just why investors love working with TAM Lending for their real estate lending needs. Our customers tend to be customers for life for a reason!

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There is literally no product that we do not have or scenario we cannot handle. We have loan products tailored for every transaction.

Fix N Flip Loans

Debt Service Loan

Bridge Loans

Let's Face It...

Hard Money Loans Suck

A hard money loan is when 💩 happens and you need money quickly… Often investors/loan sharks sell you on a hard money loan that comes with terms and conditions longer than an encyclopedia. They call it fine print for a reason. 

If you’ve ever tried to get out from under a high interest loan, you know just how big of a hassle it can be working with a hard money lender who has no interest in helping you.

And most importantly… they do not cover the things that cost the average investor lost revenuebecause it isn’t in their best interest to help.

Stop sign

Stop Being Overcharged And Underprotected

After 18 years of working with some of the largest, most well-known banks and lenders  — I have heard thousands of unique situations from investors, lenders, borrowers, and real estate professionals losing their deals. 

There are many cases where a hard money lender will even make you believe that you can’t get financing anywhere else but them…

Most issues are not noticed by the average investor – this is where they lose the most revenue without even knowing it…

This is why we don’t sell hard money loans or the next “guru” investor course that promises the world. Because at TAM Lending, we believe that educating investors on their finance options is tremendously important.

When you talk to someone in our office, we help figure out exactly what you’re looking for. We help to build a lifelong relationship so that you can continue to structure your investment loans in a way that maximizes returns.

Ginas Promise Badge

“I believe that we don’t buy from businesses–we buy from people. It is my personal promise that when we speak, I will try to share with you everything to help you find the best loan terms and strategy.

Gina Bauer
Owner of TAM Lending Bauer Group

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our investment products are bought with an LLC and do not require income documentation.  

YES, there is no limit to the amount of properties we can finance into one loan, unlike Fannie Mae guidelines. 

It depends on the product. Some products may have a prepayment penalty, but not Fix N Flip program.

Yes, depending on the product, 3-6 months.

Usually 30 days, but TAM is known for a 10 day to 2 week closing when needed. 

Yes, as well as apartment complexes, mobile home parks, non-warrantable condos, and the list goes on. 

We used to calculate the first year's interest payment on a hard money loan of 15% to an average of 7% for one of our programs. We used the average sale price of a property in 2021, which was $374,900. This happens when you refinance a hard money loan to a conventional mortgage.

We have a lot of experience with investors. In fact, some of our biggest clients started out as doing their first flip with us. They eventually became powerhouse investors. Whether you're a national investment firm or you're doing your first flip, we can help!

There is no better company out there.

If you’ve looked . . . you already know. 

If you haven’t looked . . . take our word for it.

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